Water Quality Information

Annual Water System Maintenance (March 6, 2023 to April 3, 2023)

Water Quality Employee Taking a SampleThe Town of Prosper receives our water from North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD). NTMWD uses a combination of ozone and free chlorine (first step) to disinfect water at the treatment plant and then adds chloramine, which is chlorine plus ammonia (second step) before leaving the plant. This maintains required water disinfection levels from the time it leaves the treatment plant all the way to your tap. Each spring, the typical use of ammonia is suspended to allow the remaining chlorine to keep the water disinfected as it travels through the system. This temporary change in disinfectant helps maintain the system and high water quality year-round. No additional chlorine is added, the ammonia is simply removed for this short period of time.

The Town of Prosper's licensed water operators will monitor free chlorine and total chlorine levels throughout the maintenance period, which you can view here. Free chlorine levels must be maintained between 0.2 ppm and 4.0 ppm once the system begins the conversion and total chlorine levels between 0.5 ppm and 4.0 ppm.

To learn more about how your drinking water is treated and the annual temporary change in disinfectant, please visit the links below: