How can I view my water bill online?

You can see your balance and pay using the Online Payment Portal

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1. How do I apply for new utility service?
2. What are the payment options for my monthly utility bill?
3. How do I set up automatic payments?
4. Can I pay my water bill online?
5. How can I view my water bill online?
6. When is my water bill due?
7. How many days do I have to pay the water bill after the due date?
8. I have not received my water bill for the month. Who do I contact?
9. How do I request a name change on my water bill?
10. How do I transfer utility service?
11. How do I transfer utility service on a rental property?
12. How do I change the contact information on my account?
13. How do I disconnect my service?
14. How do I contact Utility Billing?
15. I am in need of Ace Portal Support. Who do I contact?
16. What are my watering days?
17. How do I check my water usage?
18. How do I report an issue with my meter?
19. How do I request a temporary hydrant meter?
20. I just had my swimming pool built in my backyard, do I need to provide a notice about filling it?