If I’m not a resident of Prosper, may I apply for a library card?

Paid memberships apply to those who do not pay a Town of Prosper utility bill or the CPR/C48 (Prosper Town) tax. The cost is $50 per library cardholder annually.  In-person membership renewal and payment are required annually.  Identification requirements are the same for a resident.  NEW card application is available via a 2-part process: 1. Online/Digital application submission (you can complete remotely or at the library) AND 2. In-Person registration completion at the library within 30 days of submitting the online application submittal.  Online applications are for adult memberships only. Juveniles/children may be added at the time of registration completion at the library.  Membership Renewals do not require a new application. Non-residents may pay the annual $50 membership fee with a check, cash, or credit card. To learn more about library card membership and applications, please visit our Library Card Membership Application page. 

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1. How do I apply for a library card?
2. If I’m not a resident of Prosper, may I apply for a library card?
3. Why is there an annual membership fee for non-residents of the Town of Prosper?
4. My address is a Prosper address. So, why do I not qualify for a free membership?
5. I am an adult who lives with family in the Town of Prosper, but my ID nor any legal documents show their address as my place of residence. Can I get a free membership?
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30. How do I check my library account information or when an item is due?
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32. Do you charge for overdue or late items?
33. How do I place items on hold?
34. How do I contact the library?
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