Do you offer an online professional learning platform?

Yes, LinkedIn Learning is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. All you need to get started is a library card. Reminder: the username is your library card number and the PIN is the phone number you listed on your library membership application (no dashes). Texshare Databases in the library offers many learning sources too. 

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1. How do I apply for a library card?
2. If I’m not a resident of Prosper, may I apply for a library card?
3. Why is there an annual membership fee for non-residents of the Town of Prosper?
4. My address is a Prosper address. So, why do I not qualify for a free membership?
5. I am an adult who lives with family in the Town of Prosper, but my ID nor any legal documents show their address as my place of residence. Can I get a free membership?
6. I own property and/or a business in Prosper but reside elsewhere. Can I get a free membership?
7. How will library staff know if I pay a Prosper town tax?
8. Do I have to pay for membership?
9. How can I pay for my membership?
10. I pay Prosper ISD taxes. Does this not count as Town of Prosper tax?
11. I am a Prosper ISD employee. What library membership category do we fit into?
12. Does having a paid membership limit the services or privileges I receive from the library?
13. If I choose not to pay for a membership, may I still use the library?
14. Does my library membership expire?
15. I have moved away before my card expired. Can I have a pro-rated membership or refund?
16. May I use other neighboring libraries?
17. When is the Library open?
18. Can anyone visit the library?
19. Do you offer any programs?
20. Do you offer an online professional learning platform?
21. Does the library offer printing services?
22. Do you have a fax machine?
23. Do you have computers available?
24. Do you have a scanner available?
25. How do I send my files for 3-D printing?
26. Do you offer e-books?
27. Do you have an online catalog?
28. How do I check the Library catalog collection availability?
29. Do you have a book drop box?
30. How do I check my library account information or when an item is due?
31. How do I renew a library book online?
32. Do you charge for overdue or late items?
33. How do I place items on hold?
34. How do I contact the library?
35. Can I donate books and DVDs to the Library?
36. Am I eligible to borrow a Wi-Fi hotspot?
37. How do I reserve a Wi-Fi hotspot?
38. How long can I borrow a Wi-Fi hotspot?
39. Do you have volunteer opportunities at the library?
40. How do I reserve a study room at the library?