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Mayor's Fitness Challenge Tracking Sheet - Spring 2023

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  23. Challengers are tasked with documenting a minimum of 90 minutes of exercise each week through the Spring Challenge Season. 

    To be eligible for the Bluetooth Earbuds drawings and free t-shirt at the conclusion of the season, please submit the online tracking sheet by June 6. You may complete the online form, email the sheet to, or deliver a hard copy to Parks and Recreation at 409 E. First Street.

    The Challenge is open to Prosper residents only; all ages are welcome. One entry per season, please.

    Questions? Contact Brant Holland at or call 972-569-1115.

    Download and print the Mayor's Fitness Challenge 2023 Spring Tracking Sheet (PDF).

  24. Mayor's Fitness Challenge T-Shirt Size
  25. Youth T-Shirt Size
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  27. *T-shirts are earned by submitting a completed tracking sheet by the deadline for the Spring and/or Fall Seasons.

    For Mayor's Fitness Challenge updates, follow the Town of Prosper Parks and Recreation Facebook page. If you have questions, please send an email to

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