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Winter Averaging Adjustment Application

  1. Residential customers may request an adjustment of their winter average calculation based on abnormal water consumption during the three months of winter averaging. Winter averaging is calculated on the monthly water consumption for the months of December, January and February with the yearly calculation taking place the beginning of March. This adjustment request must be completed by June 1st following the winter averaging process for the current year. Any applications after this date will not be accepted. The application for an adjustment will be reviewed by staff and final approval is at the discretion of management.
  2. Forms for your pool can be a pool permit or pool specs from your pool company. If there is a leak, please submit a repair bill.

  3. Excusable Usage
  4. Did you fill your pool for the first time?*
  5. Have you completed a leak or large bill adjustment form?*
  6. Did you receive an adjustment?*
  7. Non-excusable usage: during winter averaging months this year did you do any of the following?

    If yes, this application will be voided.

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