250 W First Street
Prosper, TX 75078

P.O. Box 307
Prosper, TX 75078


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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Permits, ROW      
Ewings, Charles Executive Director Development & Infrastructure Services 972-569-1163  
Webb Jr., P.E., Hulon T. Director of Engineering Services 972-569-1065  
Pappas, Anne Administrative Assistant, Engineering Services 972-569-1104  
Anaya, P.E., Pete Assistant Director of Engineering Services – Capital Projects 972-569-1098  
Heischman, P.E., Dan Assistant Director of Engineering Services – Development 972-569-1096  
Higginbotham, P.E., Lindy Senior Engineer 972-569-1188  
Cotton, P.E., Joshua Senior Engineer 972-569-1107  
Avila, Victor Construction Superintendent 972-569-1092  
Boulos, Mirsa Engineering Technician 972-569-1078  
Consol, Angela CIP Facilitator 972-569-1066  
Gerster, Adam CIP Program Manager 972-569-1165  
Guarnieri, P.E., Rob Senior Engineer 972-569-1136  
Hale, Dante Construction Superintendent 972-569-1105  
Johnson, Nathan Construction Superintendent 972-569-1084  
Mendez, Evelyn Engineering Technician 945-234-1920  
Petro, P.E., Michael Civil Engineer 972-569-1184  
Stover, David ROW & Construction Inspector Manager 972-322-4068  
Walker, Alexis Graduate Engineer 972-569-1125  

Stormwater Management 


Question/complaint hotline: 972-569-1197

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
House, CESSWI, James Stormwater Utility Administrator 214-218-9655