Broadband Service Improvements

The Town of Prosper recognizes how critically important reliable and uninterrupted internet service is to Prosper families. To ensure our residents have the best possible internet access for business, personal, and educational use, the Town has been working with Connected Nation and local broadband providers to improve and expand broadband service in the Town.

In 2018, the Town Council established a Broadband Committee to study the issue and develop a plan to improve service within the Town. Working with Connected Nation, the Town conducted a survey of residents and local businesses to determine the accessibility, speed, and customer service levels of broadband service providers in the Prosper area. The Broadband Survey report from Connected Nation is available below.

As a result of the survey and the Broadband Committee's recommendations, the Town has initiated several programs to improve broadband access for residents, including educational videos, FAQs, free portable Wi-Fi hotspots, and the addition of staff resources to help troubleshoot problems. This web page is dedicated to providing information and resources to help residents maximize their internet service access. For more information, please email our help desk concierge or call 972-569-1152.