Community Resources and Volunteering

Welcome to our Community Resources and Volunteering Page! Here, you will discover a directory of non-profit organizations throughout Prosper that play essential roles in supporting our residents and contributing to the well-being of our community. If you or someone you know is in need, please explore the organizations below to find out if they can help.

We believe in the power of community and the impact we can make when we come together to lend a helping hand. While the Town rarely has volunteer opportunities directly available, we are delighted to partner with our local nonprofit organizations that are always in need of dedicated volunteers like you. These organizations play a vital role in addressing various community needs, from supporting vulnerable populations to preserving our Town's history and beyond.

Whether you are searching for a much-needed resource or would like to find volunteer opportunities, we have provided links below to our trusted nonprofit partners as well as a Volunteering & Connecting Flyer (PDF). We encourage you to reach out to the organizations directly to learn more about their offerings as well as volunteer programs.