Library Card Membership Application

Please note: This is for new memberships. Membership renewals do not require a new application.

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a library card from the Prosper Community Library.

We offer two categories of membership to obtain library cards; free and paid membership qualifications are solely based on the applicant's assessment of the CPR/C48 (Prosper Town) tax.

Paid Memberships

  • Not all Prosper mailing addresses qualify for a free membership. Applicants who do not pay the CPR/C48 (Prosper Town) tax or Town of Prosper utility bill must pay $50 per library card holder annually
  • Applicants who reside in (but not limited to) these [Prosper Address] neighborhoods qualify for a paid membership (see note 2):
    • Artesia
    • Avilla DNT/Avilla Celina
    • Creeks of Legacy
    • Creeks of Legacy West
    • Light Farms
    • Lilyana
    • Maydelle at Light Farms
    • Meza Addition
    • Mustang Lakes
    • Oxford Farms
    • Preston Hills
    • Preston Meadow
    • Smiley Acres
    • Sutton Fields
    • The Sandlot
    • Twelve Oaks
    • Water Tower at Light Farms
    • Wilson Creek Estates
  • Prosper ISD zoning has no bearing on membership category.
  • Employment by Prosper ISD has no bearing on membership category.
  • In-person membership renewal and payment are required annually.

Note 2: You may determine the membership category for which you qualify and the required documentation needed to verify residency.


  • Permanent as well as Limited Memberships are available to those who can document (see note 3) that they live in a household that receives/pays a Town of Prosper utility bill and the CPR/C48 (Prosper Town) tax.
  • In-person renewal is required bi-annually (every 2 years).

Note 3: You may determine the membership category for which you qualify and the required documentation needed to verify residency.

Library Card Benefits

With your library card, you can:

  • Check-out books, audiobooks, and movies
  • Download eBooks and eAudiobooks
  • Attend library programs
  • Utilize study and collaboration spaces
  • Access research databases and online learning resources
  • Use Interlibrary Loan services


Applying for and receiving a library card is a 2-part process:

  1. Online/Digital application submission (submitted remotely or at the library)
  2. In-person registration completion at the library within 30 days of submitting the online application

Online applications are for adult memberships only. Juveniles/children may be added at the time of registration completion at the library.

If you have further questions, please contact the library.

To begin the application, please read the following statement and agree to the terms.

I have read the requirements, understand the category under which I am applying, and will be prepared with the appropriate documentation and payment (if applicable) to complete my registration in person.