Acceptable Residence Verification Documents & FAQs

There are two primary ways to prove residency:

  1. Present a valid/non-expired government-issued photo identification indicating your correct address.
  2. If your photo ID does not indicate your correct address, you will also need a paper or digital utility bill (water, sewer, gas, electric) indicating services to your place of residence in addition to your photo ID.
    • If you are a new resident and have not yet received a utility bill, closing documents or rental/lease agreements indicating your place of residence will suffice. Purchase contracts are not accepted.
    • If you are unsure whether you qualify for membership under these requirements, please contact the library directly.

Collin County's Appraisal District Database or Denton County's Appraisal District Database may be referenced to determine which city or town a library card applicant pays their taxes to.