Courtroom Decorum & Dress Code

In-person or virtual hearings

  • No use of tobacco products
  • No propping feet or sitting on tables or railings
  • No loud noises; please be quiet in the courtroom
  • No food or drinks (including bottled water) allowed in the courtroom
  • No standing unless entering, exiting or addressing the court
  • All persons in attendance or participating in any hearing or trial shall be dressed appropriately so as to maintain the dignity, integrity, decorum, seriousness and professional atmosphere of the court
  • No tank tops, no shorts, no jeans with holes or cut-outs, no low-wearing pants with undergarments showing, no flip flops, no offensive, inciteful or disrespectful messages on clothing, no wearing of sunglasses, hats or any type of headscarves in the courtroom, unless such item is of religious nature or for medical reasons. In addition, no posters, banners or signs with offensive, inciteful or disrespectful messages will be allowed during virtual hearings.
  • The judge shall have the discretion to have any person removed from the courtroom
  • No unattended children (under age 12) in the courtroom
  • Absolutely no prohibited, illegal weapons or contraband is allowed in the courtroom, unless intended to be offered as evidence and has been presented and logged in by the marshal or bailiff prior to court. Commissioned peace officers who are on duty may bring weapons into the courtroom. The judge shall have the discretion to allow others to possess a weapon in the courtroom and to have any object removed from the courtroom
  • Use of cell phones and other electronic devices is prohibited while court is in session
  • Questions during court proceedings should be addressed to the marshal or bailiff