Fines & Costs

If you are paying your citation in full or have already entered a plea and have a balance due, your payment can be paid by phone at 877-881-1003 or online.

If you have received a citation filed in this court, take the time to learn more about the options available by using the information on your citation, by calling the court office at 972-347-3020 or by viewing the information available on this website. Please contact the court clerk's office for information regarding outstanding warrants.

Fines, Fees & Court Costs

  • To request a Driver Safety Course:
    • Not in school zone: $144
    • In school zone: $169
  • To request Deferred Disposition:
    • Fine and fees are based on the total amount of the citation

Qualifications and eligibility requirements are listed on the website and on your citation. Requests for either option listed above or request for a hearing before the Judge must be submitted to the court on or before your appearance date on your citation. You may also call the court office at 972-347-3020 for additional information.

Speeding Violations

Miles Over Speed LimitFine and Court Costs
1 to 10$240
11 to 15$280
16 to 20$320
21 to 24$334
25 and overMust appear in court

Speeding in a School Zone

Miles Over Speed LimitFine and Court Costs
1 to 10$285
11 to 15$335
16 to 20$349
21 to 24$359
25 and overMust Appear in Court

Other Violations

  • Ran Stop Sign: $230 
  • Ran Red Light: $240
  • No Insurance: $361 
  • No Driver's License: $235
  • Expired Registration: $229 
  • No Seat Belt - Driver: $184 
  • Illegal Passing: $230

For fine amounts not listed, please contact the Court at 972-347-3020.