Jury Service Dates & Information

Jury Trial Schedule

- No trials scheduled at this time.

Jury Exemption & Qualification Response Requirement

If you have received a Jury Summons and questionnaire, you are required to submit a response (even if the trial has been canceled) showing that you are eligible and qualified to serve or you must submit a claim for exemption.  Your response must be received by the court at least ten business days prior to the trial date. You must complete the questionnaire and bring it with you on the date and time you are scheduled to appear or you may mail it to the court at least 10 days prior to the trial date.  If you choose to mail your jury summons, be sure to do so timely so that it is received by the Judge prior to the scheduled appearance date.

If you wish to request a reset, you must complete the questionnaire and return it to the court in person or by mail with a written request to be reset. Reset requests must be received at least ten business days prior to the trial date. You may also submit your request to be reset in person at the court office.

Please call the court office at 972-347-3020 if you have any questions.

  • In Person: 250 W First Street, Prosper, TX 75078
  • By Mail: P.O. Box 307, Prosper, TX 75078

If you do not submit a completed jury summons questionnaire and/or request a reset or exemption within the time referenced above, you may be required to appear for a hearing before the Municipal Court Judge.