Town Talks

Are you interested in scheduling a Town representative to speak to your community group, homeowners association (HOA), or service organization? The Town of Prosper is now offering "Town Talks," a speaker's bureau designed to share important Town-related information with interested community groups. The purpose of the program is to make Town staff members available to present information on a variety of topics to Prosper service organizations, HOAs, business groups, and community groups. The goal of this program is to build relationships between the Town and the various community groups, educate residents on Town programs and services, and serve as a resource for groups looking for topics for their regular meetings.

Town Talks is a collection of presentations on Town programs and services from staff members who are subject matter experts in their fields. Community groups may request a specific presentation from the list below. Presentations are generally 10 to 15 minutes in duration, and speakers will be prepared for a short Q-and-A following the presentation. Most topics will include an accompanying PowerPoint presentation and/or handouts.

Groups may choose from the following list of topics:

  • Town of Prosper Annual Budget Process: Want to know a little bit more about how the Town puts together their annual budget and tax rate? Let Town staff come out and explain the process of how the Town staff and Town Council produce this important document. Betty Pamplin, Finance Director will go through the budget timeline, highlight public input in the process, and present the Town's budget video that makes the budget topic a little more fun. And the Town's Budget is award-winning!
  • Town of Prosper Annual Citizen's Financial Report: Yes, this title may seem a little long but that is why the Finance Department has condensed the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) into a more user-friendly snapshot of the Town's financial performance. This once-a-year report also provides major initiatives as well as an overview of financial, economic, and demographic trends. From simplifying the government terms to easy-to-understand numbers, Betty Pamplin, Finance Director, would be happy show how this condensed report reflects the strong accountability Town Council takes in monitoring its resources.
  • Prosper Fire Rescue Overview: Want to know more about your local Fire Department? Learn about the history of the Prosper Fire Department, fire station locations, the structure of the organization, budget, capabilities, regulating agencies, incident response data, and how the Fire Department uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to maximize their operations.
  • What's Being Built: Be in the know on what's being built in the Town and what's on the horizon. This includes new commercial areas, residential neighborhoods and mixed-used developments.
  • Digital Mapping Tools for Prosper Residents: The Town's new Geographic Mapping System provides up-to-date information on zoning, the future land plan, the future transportation plan, property ownership, development plans, and many more layers of data accessible to anyone with internet access.
  • Community Engagement Opportunities: Want to become more involved in your municipal government? Learn about the various ways you can stay connected with your community through service on a Town Board or Commission, Citizens Academy, and other opportunities.
  • Educate. Enlighten. Engage.: The Prosper Community Library offers a current and high-quality collection, digital items, databases, programs, and events for all ages. We are a place, a space, and a destination for our community.

Don't see a topic you are interested in? Give us a call and we can customize a presentation for you.

To schedule a presentation or discuss the needs of your group, please email Robyn Battle, Executive Director of Community Services,  or call 972-569-1011.