Straight Zoning Request


Zoning is required for each property within the Town of Prosper and provides the land uses and regulations for which the property may be developed. If the proposed development does not conform, a straight rezoning may be requested. A Future Land Use Plan may be required if the zoning is not compatible with the Comprehensive Plan.

Approval Body

Straight Zoning requests are approved by Planning & Zoning and by Town Council.

Required Forms & Exhibits

All requests are submitted online via the Citizen Self Service (CSS) Portal (Link) and shall be submitted per the development schedule.


Fees will be processed once the application is deemed complete. Fees will be invoiced via the Citizen Self Service (CSS) Portal (Link)

$550.00 + $10.00 per acre.


  • Notice to the property owner as well as 200' from the subject property. In addition, school districts and Homeowner Associations (HOAS) within 1,500 feet are also notify.  
  • Newspaper notice
  • Public hearing notice on Town Website 
  • Two public hearings 
  • Please refer to the sign posting requirements (PDF)