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If you are needing a copy of a crash report, you can obtain a copy from the TxDOT Crash Report Online Purchase System.

Request for Information

  1. Information is being requested under the Texas Public Information Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 552. Please be specific as to what records you are requesting. If possible, please include the case number and date of occurrence (or a timeframe). Also include (if applicable) details such as dates of birth, names of parties involved, locations, or a brief description of what transpired in relation to your request. Clarification will be requested if instructions are not followed.
  2. In the following section, you can provide a description of the incident(s) you are making the request about or specify what type of information you are requesting. If clarification is needed by the Prosper Police Department, you will be contacted via email.
  3. If Known

  4. If Known

  5. Copies will be $0.10 for each page after 10 pages. For 50 or more pages, the charge shall be $.10 for each page plus personnel time charged at $15 per hour. (Nonstandard size copies are more. Per Texas Administrative Code; General Services Commission, Chapter 111, Subchapter C, Rule 111.63)
    • Active records must exist; no compiling or creation will be made.
    • Information requiring extensive research will be charged $15 per hour
  6. Do you wish to be notified of the estimated time for research?
  7. Are you willing to pay for the necessary time to research this request?
  8. This request form makes no guarantee that the information being requested will be subject to public inspection and the Town of Prosper reserves the right to assert any statutory exemption under the Texas Public Information Act or any other applicable laws governing disclosure. This form does not apply if medical records are being sought.
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